Monday, July 11, 2011

Four Weeks Ago Today.....

My hysterectomy surgery was four weeks ago today. FOUR WEEKS! My, how times flies when you are having fun - - or even when you are not!

So far, the healing process has been going well. I have good days and bad, but the good days are becoming more the norm and the bad days are getting fewer and farther between.

I had high hopes of getting lots of things done while sitting in the recliner or sprawled out on my couch - - there are lots of books to read, a scarf to knit, recipes to be typed into my recipe blog. HIGH HOPES, I has them! But instead of all this, what has been happening instead?

Naps. Lots and lots of naps. And you know what I have discovered? I absolutely LOVE naps! Why we fight them as little kids, I don't understand. They are magical!

My first post-op checkup went well. The Doctor was pleased with my progress, and released me to be able to do some work hours on computer from home. And, I believe this has helped my healing process, because it has allowed me to start feeling like a real part of the team again.

I was also given permission to drive, but am still a bit hesitant about going out of town by myself, and have had to be content with just some short trips aroung town - - the bank, drugstore, grocery store, etc. Hopefully soon I will get my courage up and try an out-of-town trip.My next post-op checkup is July 27th. I am hoping for a return to work on August 1st, possibly half-days that first week. Looking forward to getting back to the office and back in the swing of things.

Wonder if there can be a cot put in my office for my daily nap?

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