Monday, November 01, 2010

Well - - Good News, and Not So Good News.....

My latest post-op checkup with the Doctor was some good, and some not so good.

The GOOD news is that:

  • I am healing well.
  • I can start sleeping without the surgical shoe on (HALLELUJIA!).
  • I have been cleared to take my "road trip" to Fairview Heights on Nov. 20th, including driving myself all that way.
  • I can start going back to the Gym to do some light working out, such as upper body weight machines, recumbent bike, etc. NOT the elliptical, stairmaster, or treadmills yet, but that's fine. Baby steps.

The NOT-so-good news is that I'm still having to wear the surgical shoe quite a bit. I was hoping to be able to put on a REAL shoe this afternoon, but my foot was swollen just enough that it was not possible. I got the shoe about halfway on, and there was no getting it any further.


I know - - it's only been 2 months tomorrow that I had surgery. I'm trying very hard to be patient. But anyone who knows me, even a little bit, knows that PATIENCE is NOT a strong point of mine.....

I have some good, supportive lace-up shoes I can wear, that will probably fit just fine, and those will definitely be getting worn a lot. But, they are not the kind of shoes I can wear and look okay with my work clothes. And as for going shoe shopping? Out of the question, for quite a few more months.

I'm really not complaining. I'm healing well, and things are looking pretty good. But it was disheartening to not be able to fit that shoe on my foot. I know it's because my foot will be swelling as the day goes on, and that will continue for a few more months as the healing process continues.


And tomorrow? I will feel much better about everything.

Tonight, I just want to be able to be bummed out, and get it out of my system.

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