Thursday, November 11, 2010

Moving Forward....Finally!

Progress is being made!

For the first time in three months, I am able to go back to the Gym! The Doctor has cleared me to work on upper body and core, but no machines that would put stress on my foot (such as treadmill, elliptical, bike, etc.) Doctor and I have a good trust built up between us. He knows he can trust me to NOT do something I'm not supposed to do, and to protect my foot.

So Tuesday I went and worked out on the upper body and core machines, did some crunches on an exercise ball; only did about 1/2 hour workout, because that was my first time in three months. Wednesday, I made it back for my favorite Body Toning class. This morning I made it in for more work on the upper body/core machines. I was going to go back tomorrow morning, but.....

Tonight, the pain has hit. *sigh* Tomorrow morning, it may be all I can do to get out of bed without assistance! So - - tomorrow's workout may have to be put on "hold" until next week.

But you know, it's all worth just feels so damn good to be back!

Now if my muscles will stop being mad at me.....

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