Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Post-Op Checkup: Good News!

I had GREAT news from the Doctor yesterday....everything is healing up well, and I am able to do some walking now! I still have the kneewalker stroller until the end of the month, as it will need to be used for long stretches that would be too much for me to walk just yet. But he wants me to try walking for short little treks, around the house, down the hall at work, etc.

But the nerves in my foot? Are NOT happy with me - - when I first start taking a few steps, they flare up and give me hell.....for about 30 seconds, then it calms down and I'm able to amble on down the hall.

I have also been cleared to try some driving this weekend - - just short little trips at first so that I don't tire out my foot and have it start swelling on me. But this means I can drive myself to work starting next week, and can go back to my normal work hours!

My next checkup is in 3 weeks. If all is still looking well, I will be able to get out of the surgical shoe and start wearing real shoes again. That will feel SO good!

All in all, this makes me a very happy lady!

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ree said...

A broken foot? A new Kindle! Looks like they balance out, right? ;-)