Sunday, October 17, 2010


I am now able to drive again! Yay!

Yesterday was my first attempt at it after six weeks of not being able to be in the Driver's Seat. My first little short trip was to the Farmer's Market at the College; I wanted to go because it was the last one of the season. And, since the College is only 5 minutes away from home, Mr. Dizzy and I figured it would be a safe little trek for me to try for my first outing.

It went fine, except I noticed that I was being overly cautious, mainly because my foot still has that big clumsy surgical shoe on (my friend Adam, who saw it for the first time yesterday, called it a "Jesus Sandal"....never thought of it that way before, but ya know? He's right.).

Once I got back home, I decided to run a few errands......

HOURS later, I got back home.

Poor Mr. Dizzy - - now that I'm back in the saddle, he can't keep me home!

Believe me, I appreciate everything Dear Mr. Dizzy did for me the past six weeks - - nursing me back to health, getting me drinks, snacks, my computer, books ..... even cooking supper almost every evening! Getting my "sea legs" back doesn't mean he's no longer needed. He is. And hopefully he believe me when I tell him that.

But - - oh my, does it ever feel good to get some independence back!

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ree said...

It's scary driving after not driving for a long time. :-) Glad you're recovering so well.