Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Road Trip

I have been hoping, for a LONG, LONG time, that Mr. Dizzy and I would have a chance to make a weekend road trip to St. Louis. We have good friends down there, and there are so many things we like to go and see, such as University City, The Hill, Ted Drewe's, and much, much more.

Sunday we made a road trip to St. Louis. But, not for the reasons I had hoped . . . we attended the funeral of one of those very dear, close family friends. Mr. Dizzy's Dad and John (the family friend) served in the Navy together, have always been as close as brothers, and their kids grew up together; they are more like brothers and sisters than friends.

Dear Mr. Dizzy, his brother, father, and another Navy mate were asked to be pallbearers. I know John would have loved that.

I was doing pretty good holding it all together until we got to the cemetery, where they buried him with full military honors - - the 21 gun salute, "Taps" played in the distance, and the folding and presenting of the flag to the family. THAT is when I just totally lost it.

The past two days have been an emotional rollercoaster for us, and we both feel completely drained. It's difficult to lose someone so dear to you.

Rest in Peace, John. And God Bless.

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Travis Erwin said...

My condolences.