Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: A Year In Review

In a nutshell - -

2009 pretty much sucked. BIG TIME.

  • In May, we had Mr. Dizzy's health scare with his blood pressure. He's doing fine - - actually, he's doing GREAT - - but the lasting effects that episode did to my fear and stress level has still not abated.
  • In July we got the bad news that my son and his wife were divorcing, after 14 years of marriage. The grandboys are NOT handling this situation well, and Grandma and Grandpa Dizzy have been losing a LOT of sleep over this.
  • In December my Dad's cataract surgery on his left eye had (of course!) a complication when he caught a virus in that eye. Fortunately, he is doing VERY well now, but it was pretty stressful for a week or so.
  • Pressures at work (that shall remain unsaid).
  • Other things that I am not willing to discuss here, due to the sensitive personal nature.

All this really brought me down over this past year; in fact, I blogged about it HERE and pretty much spelled out what had been happening.

BUT - - I do have one positive thing to report - - I had a routine Doctor appointment today, and while there, decided it was time. So, I talked with him about what had been going on, and what I had been feeling. We decided it was time I tried something to help my stress level, and he suggested one that does NOT have a side effect of "weight gain". My first stop after leaving his office was Walgreen's to get the prescription filled . . . so we will see what happens.

Now - - time to list what I am hoping for in 2010:

  • Get the stress in my life under control. I refuse to let it control ME any longer.
  • Get back in shape; in fact, with my Christmas money (and a few other pennies I've been able to save up), I am rejoining the Gym.
  • Lose the extra 20 pounds I'm carrying on me at the present time. The above items will definitely help me with this one!

BUT - - this is the best one - - and I am shamelessly stealing it from one of my favorite bloggers, Crazy Aunt Purl (do you read her? Well, why not?? You should, you know!):

  • Come from a place of yes

What does that mean? Well, she explains it WAY better than I can in THIS POST. She's an incredible inspiration to me! So go on, go read it. I'll wait right here until you get back . . . :-)

Here is hoping that you all have a happy and safe New Year, and that 2010 is good to you and yours!


Travis Erwin said...

Here's hoping 2010 is better for all of us.

Swishy said...

I have a very good feeling about 2010 :) Happy New Year!

Sara Storm said...

Wishing you a wonderful 2010!