Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fun Times

This was a WONDERFUL evening!

My best friend from High School, Bobbie, was in town. She has lived in San Diego for the past 35 years, and came back to Central Illinois to spend the month of May at the old homestead, and visiting family and friends. We had been in touch through sporadic e-mails and a few phone calls, but had not spent any time together for - - hmmm - - probably 20 years or more. (Well, it's not like Decatur, Illinois is next door to San Diego, ya know? So just hush.)

Tonight was my Classmate's monthly dinner, so Bobbie and I decided she should come along with me and be a "surprise guest". The double-takes and surprised looks on everyone's faces was such fun to see!

Bobbie is getting ready to head back towards Cali this weekend. It was good to see her - - hope it's not another 20 years.

Safe travels back home, Bobbie. Let's keep in touch a little better from now on, hey?

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Sara said...

Yooohoooo Liz. I've been missing your updates. Hope all is well!