Sunday, May 10, 2009

More "Remodeling" . . .

Well, the time is FINALLY here! (We have only been waiting since NOVEMBER - - what's the rush? No reason to be IMPATIENT, right?)(Right . . . )

Tomorrow the contractors start on our Master Bath - - the pink one? Remember? With the Flooring saga?? (Don't worry, the new flooring will not be inb harm's way.)(At least I hope not!)(If it is, I will NOT be going back to FlooringAmerica, that's a promise!)


The contractors are supposed to show up tomorrow morning, remove the bathtub, build up the short wall between the tub and toilet, and get everything ready to install a walk-in shower unit. The shower is supposed to be in to the plumber's on Tuesday; they will probably install on Wednesday. Then on Thursday the electricians come in to install a couple of additional wall plug-ins, and a vent fan and switch.

We are going to be in the middle of a MESS for the next week or so . . . and stuck in the cramped little bath at the other end of the house.
But, it will be SO worth it!

And yes, there will be pictures to follow . . .

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Eileen said...

I'm counting on photos!