Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Light Show!

Mr. Dizzy and I had quite an interesting evening yesterday!

We were both back in our home office, working on our computers. Around 9:00 or so, Mr. D happened to glance out the window and saw a bright light down at the corner, but up quite high off the ground. He went and got his binoculars and saw what looked like a giant 4th of July sparkler on top of the power pole at the corner. A bit scary, but kind of pretty also (Hey. I've always been a sucker for fireworks. What can I say.)

Anyway - - Mr. Dizzy called the County as I went through the house shutting off TV's, computers, digging out flashlights, etc. The County Dispatch called out the Fire Dept. to come check it out. About 10 minutes later, there was a huge flash of light and a big "Boom!", and everything went dark. Mr. D called AmerenIP (the power company - - my BEST FRIENDS from the Ice Storm saga, if you recall)(bastards)(but I digress . . . )**

Anyway - - The Fire Dept. showed up and check for any down wires; there were none, thank goodness, so they finally left. Then here comes the Ameren truck. Mr. D rode with them down the road to show them which pole was affected. The guy went to work, in the rain, in the wind, in the ladder truck. (I wouldn't have his job for ANY amount of money!) - - about 15 minutes later, we had our power back! By that time it was close to 11 PM.

All told, it was quite an interesting evening!

It looks SO INNOCENT now . . .

**Just to clarify - - I do NOT hold anything against the hard-working linemen who work for AmerenIP. Not at all. They do an excellent job, despite the weather conditions. I save every damn bit of my contempt and sheer hatred for the Corporation. Just sayin' is all.


Ree said...

A transformer blowing is QUITE a sight. Like the 4th of July!

zelzee said...

You sure know how to put on a light show........(or lack of).....