Thursday, April 30, 2009

Check, Please!

Hello, my name is Mother Nature, and I'll be your server today.

Today's special is Rack of Rain, with a light Rain sauce, served on a bed of shredded Rain. The sides are Sauteed Rain and Mixed Rain. The meal comes with Garden Rain Salad or Cup of Rain Soup. For Dessert we have Layer Rain Cake, Rain Pudding, or a variety of Rain Pies.

I'll be back in a few minutes for your order. Would you like something to drink while you decide? Maybe a nice glass of Rain - - we have many vintages. You can also order it by the bottle.


I am SO TIRED of rain . . .

1 comment:

EnglishProf said...

I'm with you--I want to order from a different menu! Can't get into the garden with all this rain, and that is making me CRAZY!!!