Monday, January 26, 2009

Thanks a Lot, Rod

First, the arrest on corruption and bribery charges.

Next, an almost totally unanimous impeachment vote in the Illinois House, followed by a SECOND almost totally unanimous impeachment vote once new members were seated this month.

Now today, the day the Senate begins the impeachment trial to try and get this total f'ing jerk out off office - - our esteemed Governor hits New York City and the airwaves . . . Good Morning America, Today Show, The View (wehre Barbara Walters literally chewed him up and spit him out), Geraldo, and tonight Larry King's show . . .

So now the WHOLE DAMN COUNTRY gets to see what an idiot our Governor is. And the people of Illinois get to be embarrassed all over again.

What a jerk.

My hope is that the Senate does their job and gets him OUT of office before he does any more damage.

Keep your fingers crossed.

1 comment:

Pearl said...

The guy, as my father would say, is a maroon.
Let the Public Relations campaign begin!