Saturday, January 10, 2009


I absolutely LOVE the headline in this Yahoo News post:

"Ill. House impeaches governor, who vows to fight"

Yeah yeah, Rod - - fight all you want. I just want your grubby hands OFF my Pension, and your ass OUT THE DOOR.

Maybe when Gov. SonOfABitch (hey,it's easier to spell than Blagojevich!) is booted out of office, my State pension will be in better shape . . . we'll see . . .


Violet said...

Eh, I don't think your state pension (or mine) will be in better shape, but it won't be in jeopardy of disappearing.

He is some piece of work. I think he just might slip out of the federal charges but at least he won't be in office anymore.

Jessica said...

Ah, Illinois...home of Honest Abe...and the national record for corrupt governors. Awesome.