Saturday, May 17, 2008

Keep Your Fingers Crossed . . .

The new VAC dressing Dad has been wearing for over 2 weeks is working!

The Home Health Care nurse comes to change the dressing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The last 2 times she has been here, she has said the incision is almost totally healed up!

Dad has a recheck with the Doctor next Wednesday, and we hope he will say that Dad is healed up enough to be released. If that is the case, Dad will be going home next weekend.

It's been good having him here and being able to spend time with the old guy, although it has been pretty hectic as well . . . extra time to spend in the mornings getting things done, extra meals to fix, extra laundry . . . but he is a very easy houseguest to have here, and Steve and I have both enjoyed it.

Speaking of my Dear Hubby Steve - - I am a very lucky woman. I have a husband who truly loves and respects my father, and treats him as if he is a part of his own family. I could not have gotten through this whole situation as well without him. I owe him BIG TIME for everything he has done. I love you lots, babe. I truly do.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for good news on Wednesday - - Dad is so anxious to finally go home to his own "space" - - but this house will seem pretty empty when he does.


Ree said...

fingers AND toes crossed!

Bina said...

Yea for you Daddy! I'm sure he is very excited to go back to his own space!

Keeping my fingers crossed! He has done so well! And yes, you have a WONDERFUL husband!!!!!