Friday, January 18, 2008

This Week is FINALLY Over!

Thank God!

This has been a LONG week - - lots of hours. And, it's been a ROUGH one . . . and it went just the way I was afraid it would. *sigh*

When I first heard they had hired a full-time director for our Department, and that they were going to have to rearrange our area to squeeze in another office and another whole person, I said, "As long as they don't have everything all torn up during the first week of classes, we'll be okay."

This was the first week of classes.

They started construction on our area Monday morning.

*sigh* Damn.

All week long, we have had to put up with our furniture all moved out, my student workers in a different room than I am (makes it hard to supervise, and also train the new one), the new boss in another room in a whole different area, students trying to come back for help that we are not able to provide because ALL OF OUR STUFF IS SOMEWHERE WHERE DID WE PUT IT DAMMIT.

Along with all this, there is the actual construction process itself - - concrete drills, drywall saws, drywall sanders, drywall DUST, paint fumes . . .

And still trying our best to serve the frantic students coming back for help, trying to hold Orientation sessions ("I can't print out the attendance sheet for this session! Where in the hell is our printer!?!?!?") and just trying to keep some small shred of sanity (NEVER easy for me, even in the best of circumstances).

But the construction is FINALLY finished, the furniture will get moved in next week, and hopefully we will all be together in the same area and all settled in soon. The new boss will get into the swing of things, and we will finally be working together as a team. And, it will be good to FINALLY be able to help the students like we need to!

But right now - - I'm heading for some well-deserved rest!

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Eileen said...

Oh the timing on this is foul. Why must it be the first week of classes why?