Friday, January 25, 2008

All Settled In - - FINALLY!

I am finally moved in and pretty much settled in my new office - - FINALLY! The only thing I have left to do is bring a small chrome shelving unit in on Monday morning so I can finish putting some things away, and then maybe I can actually get some WORK done! (What a novel concept THAT will be!)

My little office is really pretty nice, and my new boss is pretty much moved into my old office, so that is working out well. My poor student workers, however, are not faring so well . . . their space is so cramped, they can barely do what they need to do! We have been told that this is just a temporary thing, until they finish up some other construction and moves around campus, and that we will then be moved to a permanent spot with more room (Gee, maybe they can time it for the first week of FALL classes - - that week is even MORE hectic than the first week of Spring classes! Yeah! THAT'S the plan!)(No, I'm not bitter - - not a bit . . . )

I'm just glad to finally be in my space, have boxes unpacked, and being able to DO something to help the students. That's what I'm there for, and it's been rough not being able to help this past week. But come Monday, that is all going to change - - Lizzy's back in business! :-)


Rob said...

I know the feeling! I moved from the Capital building out to the IEPA building this week. I am going to work on an EPA project and they wanted me to be there to do it. So I had to do a move in this cold. Then is 6 weeks or so when this project is finished I have to move BACK! Grrrrr!

Barrie said...

How fun to be getting settled in! And be "back in business"!!