Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nap Time

Why is it - - every time I try to change the bedding, Carmichael decides it's NAP TIME?

Check him out - - looking at us upside-down with one eye open:

Now back to sleep:

Meanwhile, Destiny is asleep on the love seat in the Sunroom:


Ah, to be a cat!


Yvonne said...

Well Deary, our children are just like us they like a clean place to sleep too. They are so special when they sleep. My Chan likes it when I bring in the clean laundery and changing the bed linens. He must get in the mist of it and take a nice catnap. Yours is really something else but of course so is the owners. Gee, if only we could get that comfortable. Really sweet pics.

Eileen said...

In my next life I am soooo coming back as a cat or a dog. Provided I can ensure I belong to the right kind of people.