Monday, November 28, 2005

Dodged a Bullet . . .

Went to the Endodontist today about all this jaw pain I've been having.

I do NOT need a root canal - - *whew!*

Dr. Hallam thinks it is a combination of a lot of different factors - - I had a temporary crown placed, then had my anxiety med level drastically reduced, and then had the permanent crown placed . . . all in a matter of 2 weeks time.

He thinks the pain is being caused by all these factors combining to make me clench my jaw at night in my sleep, thus causing the jaw pain and the swelling and tenderness in my jaw hinge. He also recommended I try Tylenot instead of the Advil, since it didn't seem to be doing me that much good. In addition, he advised me to tell my family doctor about all this. As luck would have it, I have an appointment with Dr. Kahn next Wednesday, and I will definitely share all this with him. He may have to up my Prozac level a bit . . .

SO - - after I left Dr. Hallam's office, I went by Dr. Hastings office and let them know what happened. Dr. H. said he wanted me to try a "soft night guard" to wear while I'm sleeping, which would keep me from clenching my jaw. He asked if I had time to get the impressions made right then - - it would take about 15-20 minutes. Well, of course! ANYTHING to help alleviate this PAIN I've been living with!! They got all the impressions made, and I pick up the guard next Monday morning before work.

So instead of heading home with a numb jaw and curling up in bed with my fur-babies, it's back to the office I go to finish out the day. Oh well . . . I was actually happy to be back at work!

By the way - - one of my co-workers who had been to Dr. Hallam had told me he was a real cutie - -
She wasn't lying . . . :-)

(What can I say - - I happen to LIKE "eye candy" . . . )

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